Saturday, October 29, 2005

Peanuts, Pads & Pumps

Halloween is almost upon us, and with Halloween comes the need to get a new costume.

Last year Marvin and I decided to march in the Halloween parade dressed as two of our favorite pop icons of the moment- Latoya Jackson and J-Lo. In the end people were able to identify Marvin's costume but had no idea what the hell I was supposed to be. I personally think I looked like Diana Ross during her alcoholic period.

We decided it was time to get back into the heels (or in Marvin's case, pink Uggs) and find a more ridiculous costume for this year's event -- we'd need more flash, more trash, more skin and more of a group theme to shock, disturb and otherwise and scare our neighbors.

We gathered up some friends and headed out to a place where we knew we could find the most fantastical synthetic ho clothing in all of New York City -- the one and only Conway -- a store so amazing that the mid 90s dance act "Reel 2 Real" wrote a song about it (of course Marvin owns the single)

We were pleasantly surprised to find that Conway plays recent house music as it's in store entertainment - prompting us to nickname it "Club Conway". It was nice to have something to listen to as we thumbed through the mounds of polyester.

We were in the store for a solid 2 hours - it took a while to select the perfect outfit ---- but no outfit is complete without the right shoes.

There was a sign stating that women's shoes could be found on the lower level- the only problem was that the shoe section was completely hidden! After a few minutes of searching we found a little piece of discount hooker shoe heaven -- One isle of shoes jam packed with pleather shoes of all shapes and sizes wedged conveniently between the isles selling bags of peanuts and feminine hygiene products. How many other stores can you think of where you can get clear heels, satisfy your craving for salty nuts and cleanse your vagina?

My favorite part of the Conway experience is the helpful staff. At one point we were comparing the merits of various colors of thigh high pleather stiletto boots when a conway worker informed us that "These are not men's shoes" -- thanks for that helpful tidbit.

In the end, our shopping trip was a success -- we left with 3 bags full of Conway goodness -- and even though one of my friends (I'm talking about you Emily) refused to be seen with her Conway bag (forcing her boyfriend Mike to carry it) I have to say I am not ashamed!

Watch for us - rockin' the conway - on Monday night


At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Emily said...

You left out the part when a customer mistook Marvin for a Conway worker and asked him to reach for a shirt. :p

At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Mary R. said...

Haha.. Marvin works for Conway.. Hey I dont know if i like my brother wearing pleather hooker boots!

At 7:44 PM, Anonymous maureen gx said...

I hope that the shoes are just the right thing to complete your ensemble.
You two crazy kids have fun!

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

So where are the photos?

Also, I thought of you guys when I read this:

HOMOBILE sounds like a superhero's escape car.

At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Rich said...

Yeah, what Sarah said! Photos, bitches!


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