Thursday, October 20, 2005

Recent Weirdness in my life

Apparently my Time Warner DVR (aka - Time Warner's ghetto TiVo knock-off) has gone wild. It has started to randomly record half hours of QVC. So far I've gotten a few half hours dedicated to jewelry and one dedicated to women's fashions "inspired by country living"

I was on Staten Island with my family the other day, and while walking back from breakfast I was saw something strange moving down the street. When I got closer I noticed that there were three HUGE wild turkeys on the street. Not only were these turkeys huge but they had no fear of people at all - and they (like most of the inhabitants of Staten Island) had one nasty attitude.

bottom line - beware of turkey and DVR's.


At 7:53 PM, Anonymous rudy said...

dont forget to check out quacker factory by jeanne bice @9PM

At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Mary said...

hey the turkeys add character to staten island.. we all know that it needs some character!


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