Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wanna Rumble with the Bee?

I haven't been able to stop listening to the new Lil Kim CD - as I've mentioned before - GO BUY IT! NOW!

Although she's put out the best album of her career, she's also unfortunately in jail... and if that weren't bad enough she was forced to cut off her weave!

Poor, poor Kim.

I've been a huge fan of Kim's for a while - one of the highlights of my fandom was when I was front row at a concert and she sang a couple of bars of "Crush On You" to me. For those who are interested, she's really short (duh) and she smells like coco butter.
I snapped this pic of her at that concert:

Back in college I gave a Lil Kim poster to my friend Lynette - she dressed it up for the holidays.

Note the "pink taco" in the background.

In honor of her new CD, I'd like to list Kim's top 10 rhymes:

I made my Intro
getting fucked in the Pinto
Now I'm skin deep in da Lexus Jeep
Peep da Queen sista
If I would fuck wit Mista
They'd be lickin blackberry molasses out my asses


Bet I wet cha like hurricanes and typhoons
Got buffoons eatin my pussy while I watch cartoons

-Queen Bitch

Niggas wanna run up in my pussy like a Pap smear

-Queen Bitch, Part II

See a nigga you like?
Give em a pussy invite
It's aiight
maybe get ya pussy sucked tonight

-Do What You Like

Take it in the butt
Yes, Yes, What!

-Big Momma Thang

Queen bitch, the red lipstick
The all black harley
call me black barbie
Fuck a blow
it's so mothafuckin' hobby
Under seven inches?
ehhh! sorry.
Minimen i can't fuck with them.
I like to ride the cock till ya hit the spot

-Get Naked

Admirin my shoes by Gucci
I be eatin sushi
playin with my coochie

- Get Money (remix)

All my male friends
call me m&m's
Cuz my pussy melt in your mouth
and not in your hands

-Nobody Do It Better

I wanna wake him up to do his duty
Nigga use that tongue, clit to booty, clit to booty
You wanna steal the pussy like a thief
Now kiss the lips without the teeth

-We Don't Need It

The moral of the story is this
You aint lickin' this, you aint stickin' this
And I got witnesses, ask any nigga I been with
They aint hit shit till they stuck they tongue in this

-Not Tonight

...and a bonus rhyme:

You da best, Da Da
Now watch mama, go up and down dick to jaw crazy
Uhh! Say my name baby
Before you nut,
I'ma dribble down your butt cheeks
Make you wiggle
then giggle just a little

-No Time


At 8:26 AM, Anonymous maureen g said...

It's so true, Tom has been "giving me" LIL KIM "stuff" as far back as I can remember. Most of the time it was for shock value.. but as time when by, awww tha'ts nice.

but nothing can top. my neck, my back................

At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Rich said...

Tom <3s vag!

At 11:20 PM, Blogger Noelle said...

Thats not what she say in No time! Check ya lyrics babe


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