Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ethical dilemma #1

On my flight to Dallas yesterday, I was faced with a rather large ethical dilemma. The man sitting directly in front of me stunk. I'm talking completely unbearable rankness. Like week-old falafel and farts. So - what, if anything, can one do in such a situation (note: flight is full so you can't change seats)? Is there a P.C. way to bring this up? What would you say? "Excuse me, have you smelled J-Lo's newest fragrance? Here, take a whiff." Is this something worth pressing the 'Call Flight Attendant' button? "Miss (or Mister) - you look exhausted - why don't you sit here and I'll pass out the snack mix and take it from here".

After deciding against all of the above, I positioned the air vent towards the tip of my nose and cranked it on high.

I've taken an interest in the animals displaced and in need from Hurricane Katrina. One such relevant story:

"Many of the flood victims in New Orleans refused to leave their pets behind, and found ways to hang onto them and secretly carry them onto rescue vehicles. According to the HSUS, one such case was a lovebird that made the bus trip to Houston hidden in its owner's bra."

If you're moved as much as I am, please donate to the ASPCA, Humane Society, or any other such organization helping our small friends. FYI - $25 is often enough to feed and care for a sheltered animal for an entire year!


At 11:59 AM, Anonymous maureen g said...

now you know the problem we have all had with charlie for years!


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