Wednesday, August 31, 2005

MTV awards recaps and such

Rich over at FourFour has a great recap of the MTV Awards the other night - Check it out here

There are some omissions though -

Dishonorable mention goes to Eva Longoria - she came out on stage in the tightest bikini imaginable - so tight that Marvin and I swear we saw labia.

Mariah Carey -
Her performance was just I can imagine her at some pre-VMA conference call insisting that she'd only preform if she had a wind machine blowing her hair and was able to dive in the pool in a skin tight evening gown.

Shakira -
She'd looked (and sounded) great, but Alejandro Sanz is not a stripper pole.

And - why was Hammer in attendance?? Why is he everywhere lately?

Oh - and while you're at FourFour - make sure to download all the Whitney and Bobby sound clips - I'll be putting them on my work PC tomorrow.


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous duane said...

Alejandro Sanz should be used as a stripper pole... by me. HOT!


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