Sunday, August 28, 2005

Keepin It Real in the East Village

My sister and I decided that a family outing was long overdue -- and what is more family oriented then Wigstock?

This was only my third Wigstock (I went to one on the pier back in the day, and my second as part of the HOWL festival and, unlike last year (where it rained - really hard - and delayed the show for over an hour) the weather was fantastic.

The good weather brought a ton of people to Tompkins Square Park, and given it's colorful history it wasn't surprising that there were a few crackheads in attendance.

I was chatting with my sister and brother in law when I overheard the following conversation

Man: Honey, you're leaking!

CrackWhore: Mind your own fucking business!

Man: You're purse- it's leaking! Stuff is coming out of it!

CrackWhore: Don't tell me what to do!

I turn to see this mid 40's ish, Courtney Love-esque woman dripping beer from her mesh handbag -- she was dripping through pretty much the entire first set! It was good to see in a time when NYC is rapidly gentrifying that we still get some colorful street life.

Highlights of the show included:

Lady Bunny
, the organizer and one of the founders of Wigstock, who performed her usual medley of twisted pop songs that she dedicated to "The beautiful, talented and crack addicted lesbian Miss Whitney Houston"

Kevin Aviance was on hand to promote his latest single "Strut" which featured the chorus "You're ass is played out". Kevin stayed around for a bit after his set to proclaim to the audience how he was "Filled With The Spirit" and get a few hallelujah before he headed off.

I have no idea who this is, but she had the
Camel Toe
of life.

Lady Miss Kier returned from a long hiatus to perform some new material. One song in particular caught my attention - I believe it was called "I don't need your war" and featured dancers in fatigues, burkas and the infamous Abu Gharib hooded prisoner.

Flotilla Debarge was on hand, doing a spot on rendition of Macy Gray's "I Try"

The Jackie 60 crew did a stage show based on the French Revolution (complete with a beheading) to a mash up of classical music and Jay-Z's HOVA.
It was the first time I've ever been pelted with bread at any type of performance.

A shot of The Mussycat Dolls performing "Don't Cha"

This year marked the 20th Anniversary of Wigstock - may there be 20 more!


At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Mary R said...

The experience of a life time..Let me say my brother has now educated me in the ways of drag queens.. And yes, I feel like a better person knowing the logistics of it all.
Great family fun! I reccomend this for every family in New York! (yeah it was that crazy)


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