Friday, August 26, 2005

A very WTF post

First of all - what the hell happened here?

I found the above while walking home.

Secondly (and almost as scary) what the hell happened here?

Thanks Ciarra, now I get to post about Pubic Pants twice in one week -- only yours don't seem to be intentional.
I think you should take some of that money you've made from your last album and get yourself a Hollywood [via The Superficial]

Are you short and looking for housing? This Craigslist post may be for you:

$600 - Great deal for little people under 4' tall- basement studio apartment
First of all, this is not a joke even though it sounds funny. I have a home in Coney Island near the bay and near seagate where the basment ceiling is only 4' high due to the proximity to the beach. The dimensions are 20x31. It's a shame to let this space go to waste so I am offering to rent it to anyone who can fit. Obviously, I will not allow a normal sized person to rent it because that's just wrong. But a dwarf or little person would fit quite nicely. In addition, I am flexible on the rent if you are a circus dwarf or other perofmer and can entertain us during parties and other occasions. [via Curbed]

Ali G crashes Pamela Anderson's DOG WEDDING -- no, really (with pictures)

This is a link I've been meaning to post for a long time - R Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet" - Parts 1 - 5 --- reenacted by Sims

And Finally in other (non WTF) news -
Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" [also here] is number one for a 13th week -- and I'm still forbidden from playing the original version when Marvin's around (he's over it - remixes are ok though)


At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Rich said...

Ciara's vag is really unsettling. I kinda thought from her hollow-eyed soul that she was a robot.

Oddly, I'm still not over "We Belong Together." "Shake It Off" has taken over kicking my ass, though.

At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Brian said...

Notch ANOTHER week onto We Belong Together's played out bedpost.

She now ties Whitney for the longest running female solo #1 at 14 weeks, although Mariah's 14 weeks are non-consecutive as she was interrupted one week by AI's Carrie Underwood.

Also, Shake It Off is very close to taking over #1 next week, which would make Mariah the first female to replace herself at the top spot.

Oh, and I hate Ciara. Those hermaphrodite rumours have GOT to be true...I refuse to believe otherwise.


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