Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What would YOU do? A two question self quiz

Question 1:

You go out to dinner with some friends and decide to only order a beer.
Your waiter was great The bill comes and you notice that an item has been accidentally omitted.

do you:

A) Put in money for the drink anyway - the waiter and the food were great and since I work in the financial services industry $10 won't kill me anyway

B) Pay for your drink but don't bother to add tax or tip

C) Rationalize that the missing item was probably something you ordered (even though you can't tell for sure as multiple people ordered the same thing) and leave $4

Question 2:

You have a reputation for being cheap and are dining with people who can sometimes be a little on the cunty side. Assume you've chosen C as your answer to the first question. Which of the following scenarios is the most likely to happen?

A) Your friends agree with you and gladly take your $4 (which, after all is equivalent to 16 quarters!)

B) Your friends will be annoyed, but everyone will be polite and not say anything

C) You will be called out on the internet


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