Friday, August 26, 2005

Big Cup coffeehouse to close?

According to this post the Chelsea landmark Big Cup is slated to close for good this coming weekend. [via blog Chelsea]

I haven't been to the Big Cup in a very long time (mostly because at 26 years old I am way out of their demographic, but I have fond memories of the place.

I remember stopping by in for the first time around 1995 - a very closeted high school boy from Staten Island - and being amazed that there was a place so close to home that was filled with gay people my age just hanging out. I think most of my friends from high school have been dragged there at one point or another and have experienced the magical trifecta of espresso, rice krispie treats and Deborah Cox in a venue that looks like Pee Wee's Playhouse?

Hopefully this is just a rumor and the Big Cup will live on - for the (gay) children of the future

Update: The rumor seems to be true and it will close forever this Sunday, August 28th. Rest in peace old friend.


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