Friday, September 09, 2005

Enough of Daddy's Penis for one night!

Marvin and I were flipping around our 300+ channels of digital cable this evening when we came across MTV's Date My Mom.

"Date My Mom" is a "reality" show where a guy goes on "dates" with the mom's of 3 potential suitors. To our surprise it was gay night on the show - and we tuned in just in time to see the bachelor make his final decision.

One potential date was rejected because he was too into musicals -- the bachelor advised him to take his jazz hands back home to Buffalo, NY.

The mother of the guy who was ultimately chosen got very excited and shouted "Get ready to meet my hot and sexual son!" as this blond hair twinky guy hops out of a black Lincoln town car.

The idea of someones mom calling them "hot and sexual" is a little gross. Mom - if you're reading this (and at some point you probably will) please take note never to refer to me as "hot and sexual".

The aforementioned twinky boy jumps at the bachelor and promptly sticks his tongue in his throat. The camera cuts away to an interview sound bite with the bachelor who exclaims "I can't wait to see if he's as hung as his dad!"

Did I hear that correctly? Thank God for Time Warner's Digital Video Recorder-- yes, I did in fact hear that correctly. So apparently in addition to having a "hot and sexual son" the winning mom has a husband who is a mandingo warrior.

The last shot of the show was the bachelor saying how great it was that the winning contestant just stuck his tongue in his mouth within seconds of meeting him.

Thank you MTV for reinforcing several stereotypes and creeping me out.

Speaking of men packing the heat - apparently Tom Jones has a huge penis -- not only that but Elvira (mistress of the dark) lost her virginity to him (and had to be surgically sewn back up!)

Finally, for those looking for a little penis action of their own, may I direct you to Pathetic Personals [via Lady Bunny]. Very few sites have made me laugh out loud like this one did - I epically enjoyed their links to real life "pathetic personals" like this one which was named "Christian Clown Personal of The Month"


At 10:39 AM, Anonymous maureen g said...

can I at least call you amazingly good looking (hot!!)


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