Monday, September 19, 2005

The Definition of Wrong - #3

Tonight's "definition of wrong" comes to us from Emily "everyone loves an Asian girl" Le- she told us this story at dinner last night and I thought it was too ridiculous not to post.

So, Mike and I were getting me tampons at Duane Reade -
I was trying to decide amongst the seemingly hundreds of options when we heard someone in the next aisle over using one of those annoying walkie-talkie phones that beeps constantly. As we headed back upstairs to checkout we realized the person on the walkie talkie was actually a Duane Reade employee and was on the escalator right behind us. It was then that we heard the content of the conversation for the first time, albeit somewhat mumbled and in a Rosie Perez-esque voice: "Yeah, and yew betta weea yewa clea stilettos..." As the conversation continued, we realized that the guy was having phone sex over the walkie-talkie...Mike made this face at me and we b-lined it to the closest register. only in NY.

Duane Reed employee - you are both a cheap bastard and the definition of wrong.
If you're going to have PHONE SEX please spend the extra .10 and use a phone.

Emily also included a bonus "wrong"

ps- on the subway home last night we sat next to an overweight man wearing denim shorts with a very opened button down short sleeved denim shirt...underneath the shirt you ask? a dominatrix outfit in the form of the letter "X" pressed up against his chest hair. we (and it appeared the lesbians across from us) did not appreciate this public display of sexwear.

I <3 NY


At 10:45 AM, Anonymous everyone's favorite asian girl said...

let us also not forget kevin federline 2.0 with his lackies (all in wife beaters) asking us how to get to church st.

kevin 2.0 you, your doo-rag and your wife beater are THE DEFINITION OF WRONG!

I <3 NY and I <3 Tommy G and Marvin M!


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