Friday, November 04, 2005

My Confession

I REALLY like the new Madge album!

Here are the tracks, in particular order...

1. PUSH - sexy, catchy, groovy
2. Sorry
3. Hung Up
4. How High
5. Jump
6. Future Lovers
7. Get Together
8. Let It Will Be
9. Forbidden Love
10. Isaac
11. Like It Or Not
12. I Love New York - interesting music, horrendous lyrics - "I don't like cities, but I like New York - other places make me feel like a dork..." I'd take the 'American Life' rap anyday over this!

I found #1-3 all to be fantastic - #4-8 a close second -

Overall, I think the production is spot-on - hooks are 'gooey' - and the album as a whole demands that you listen again and again.

People expecting an album of 'Hung Up's may be disappointed at first with the slightly melancholy melodies. Once i got over it, I really really enjoyed it.

Jury is still out on where I would place it against her other albums - but it would definitly fall in the top 3 (along with Erotica and Ray Of Light).

And although 'someone' close to me may have provided the 'advance copy', TRUST that I'll be first on-line to purchase it on 11/15!

The video should have been a good indicator of my feelings towards the album - in just 4 minutes, the (drag) queen of pop repeatedly and gratuitously gyrates her cooch while wearing pink leotards, makes out with a 20-something latin club kid, and humps a boom box.

Now, isn't that the Madonna we all really know and love?

Edit (by Tom)-

Sarah pointed out how similar that Madonna EMA pic above looks like this:

Is she re-inventing herself as Rainbow Brite?


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

That photo looks a little too much like this one:


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