Saturday, November 05, 2005

That Shit Was Bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S)

Halloween is long over and yet I still have no posting on the blog about it -- and a late post is better then no post, right?

This year's costume theme?
Gewn Stefani and the Harijuku Girls

After a couple of very strong drinks we put on our conway finest, armed ourselves with a portable stereo and headed down to the NYC Halloween parade.

One of our Goals of the evening was to get on TV. We were very excited to find the NY 1 Cameras around the half way point of the parade --- unfortunately there were a ton of people clamoring for a spot on television.

I was determined to get us on the air - if we had spent all this time to look ridiculous and embarrass ourselves then we were going to embarrass ourselves to the largest possible audience.

We did what any bunch of attention sluts would do - we put down our boom box - cranked "Hollaback Girl" and performed for the crowd.

The NY1 Anchor heard the crowd screaming, turned around and told us that she thought we were hysterical and needed to be on the broadcast.

Not only did we end up on TV, we ended up on the Halloween highlight reel! We were featured in a clip shown on NY 1 every 15 minutes all day on November 1st. You can see the report (entitled: From Superheroes To Super Weirdoes, This Year's Halloween Parade Took City By Storm) here. Be sure to notice the look of fear on the face of the NY1 Anchor when I attempt to dance with her.

I learned some very important lessons this Halloween:

- Pumps are not comfortable (espically conway pumps) - women deserve an award for walking in those things
- I still make a very ugly woman
- Small children, gay men and black women are were the biggest fans of our group
- Makeup is gross
- I am taking a hiatus of all things Gwen Stefani for a bit - if I hear "Hollaback Girl" one more time I will kill myself.
- Even if you are wearing a wig, women's clothing and dark sunglasses into your local pizza shop, the woman behind the counter can still tell who you are - regardless of how disguised you think you look.
- If you are going to look like an ass in public, be sure to take your friends down with you


At 12:52 PM, Anonymous emily said...

here's a little song...goes something like this...

At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Mary R said...

you are the ugliest girl i have ever seen, thank god you are my brother and not my sister.


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