Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Is there a tranist strike? I hardly noticed

Going from sitting on a beach in 85 degree weather to a one hour walk in single digit windchill temperatures within two days is a very jarring experience to say the least -- but the first day of walking to work was almost (dare I say it) fun.

Today was not so fun - and by tomorrow I'm sure I'll be over it.

The options for getting to work aren't that appealing - I could:
A) Walk - It's a pain in the ass and makes my feet hurt (I refuse to wear sneakers to work - I'd feel too much like Melanie Griffith in "Working Girl")
B) Take The PATH Train - It takes an annoying detour to NJ in between Christopher Street and the World Trade Center, It takes as long as walking AND for the past two days I've ended up with someones armpit in my face the entire ride.
C) Take a Cab - Only $10, but there is so much traffic in the morning and evening rush that it may take longer then options A or B

I really should look into getting a pony.

I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones - I only have any hour commute. My friend Brian reported that it took him almost 4 hours to get to work --- It takes less time to get to Miami!

If I needed to take a cab I could afford the fare, and there always would be the option of working from home if I really needed too. Many of the blue collar workers in NYC aren't as lucky.

On the bright side (for me anyway) I was able to go to the DMV and renew my licence in under 5 minutes - and last minute Christmas shopping is easy when the stores are COMPLETELY EMPTY.

Hopefully the Transit Workers Union will realize that times have changed in the business world and that union members have to deal with the same fiscal realities as the rest of us.


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