Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's OVER!

Thankfully the transit strike has ended - although I'm sure there will be lots of contract negotiation drama in the news for days to come.

This has been one of those events that we'll be talking about for a long time - although I definitely won't have as interesting of a story to tell as this woman who most likely had the most dramatic strike related experience of anyone.

Here's some snapshots I took on the way to/from work this morning -- nothing wakes you up like an early morning 3 mile walk!

A shot of the Village library early in the morning

Trees waiting to be purchased

If you look closely you'll see hundreds of commuters streaming into Manhattan on foot from Brooklyn

The Red Cross truck outside of City Hall -- they were very kindly giving out coffee, hot chocolate and repairing broken bicycles

I've never felt so patronized by a street sign before...

I saw this protest made up of "real commuters" outside the Brooklyn Bridge as I was leaving work - who the fuck are these people?


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