Friday, December 23, 2005

Three Truisms for Today

Truism #1: Latin Music Preferences

Marvin and I were at a diner last night when "Feliz Navidad" came on the radio. Marvin immediately started singing and dancing at the table.

Tom: What the hell was that?
Marvin: Don't you know? All Latin People love "Feliz Navidad"

Marvin then got up to go pay the bill. No sooner does he leave the table then these two Latin queens at the table behind us literally start preforming the song in their booth.

Truism #2: Chelsea Eating Preferences

Last night was our friend Dominick's birthday (Happy Birthday!) and to celebrate a bunch of Dom's friends from Chelsea met up at Splash. At midnight our friend Billy brought out a cake for Dom. Everyone commented how Amazing the cake looked -- BUT NO ONE WOULD ACTUALLY EAT IT. A single slice of cake was literally passed around the room twice without anyone taking a bite.

Trusim #3: Mariah Carey screams - a lot

I always knew she liked to screetch in songs but I didn't realize how much until I watched this clip of Mariah's finest screetching moments - it's truly a must see


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