Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Dining Adventure in 3 Parts

Part I - Late Night Fast Food in the City That Never Sleeps (except of course when it's sleeping)

There is a certain pizza establishment in the area that has a yellow neon sign proclaiming that it is open 24 hours - however every time I attempt to frequent their restaurant it seems to be CLOSED. What's that about?

Part II - Get Your Passport - We're going to Harlem!

While Marvin was on the West coast (enjoying dinners that cost more then our monthly rent) I met up with some friends to check out the Dinosaur BBQ. The Dino BBQ not only offers highly regarded food, but also a full fashion line (including a selection of "Pork City" T-shirts) - how could I resist?

With passport in hand I headed over to "WeHa" - fabulous West Harlem -- where the subways run OUTSIDE!

The restaurant does live up to it's hype - and apparently even attracts celebrities (as witnessed by the autographs in the bathroom stall)

After some fried green tomatoes, brisket, bacon, Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans and some Key Lime Pie I waddled my way out of the restaurant. Can you spot the irony in this picture?

Part 3 - When You're Waitress Doesn't Give A Fuck

Marvin and I have a terrible habit of going out to dinner so late that our only choices end up being neighborhood diners. Since I didn't feel like getting stabbed on the way to dinner, we headed up to the Chelsea Gallery. Our waitress had no visible emotion AT ALL -- getting this woman to crack a smile was harder then getting George Bush to march in a gay pride parade. After experiencing the least friendly service at a restaurant ever, she presents us with the following check:

Ok- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? It's not a smile- it's not a frown - it's just --- indifferent. That face is totally saying "Have a nice day - or don't - I couldn't give a shit!"

I asked Marvin his feelings on our not so social waitress - his reply:


At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Mary said...

I think Marvin and I own the same glasses now!

I loved the indifferent smiley face.. im sure your waitress just didnt feel like serving you food at the ungodly hours you eat dinner!!

At 8:36 PM, Anonymous Emily said...

Dino BBQ? Shhhh...don't tell Amelia


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